How to Access Hidden Google Games Easily

Need to relax during your lunch break or just pass the time? Discover the little old-fashioned games that Google hides in its search engine: a simple web browser is enough to play them!

Google is your friend to help you find anything and everything on the Internet. But the famous search engine can also be playful … provided you know where to look, precisely. Indeed, for years, the developers of the firm have taken pleasure in disseminating many small entertaining programs on Web pages and in certain apps. One way to perpetuate the tradition of easter eggs, which consists of hiding small unnecessary but funny animations in software.

Of course, Google’s games don’t compete with those found on the latest consoles or gaming PCs – don’t expect stunning 3D graphics! Most of them are games inspired by the titles of the 80s, very colorful, and easy to understand, in the spirit of the arcade games of yesteryear, which are piloted with the mouse or the keyboard, with the arrow keys or the space bar.

Most importantly, these games are completely free and accessible with any web browser. And it is not necessary to have a Google account to take advantage of them: they are open to everyone, on all platforms, including mobile, and even with old devices! No reason to deprive yourself, just to take a little break, the duration of the parts varying according to your dexterity. The hardest part is still finding them, because they are well hidden. Here is a small selection to encourage you to explore.

How do you find Google’s skill games?

The headlines that kept us spellbound in the ’80s are resurrected in the web browser.

Atari’s brick-breaker

From the home page of the search engine, type in the atari breakout field and validate by clicking on the I’m lucky button (or click here). Immediately, the famous brick-breaker appears. The game starts. All you have to do is move the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen with the mouse.

Google-Games-Atari's brick-breaker


No one has forgotten the legendary Pac Man, who made arcades famous in the 1980s. Google brings back to life the famous pill-eater who runs through a labyrinth avoiding ghosts. Simply type pacman in the search engine, then select from the suggestions the one adorned with the famous round and yellow character. Click on Play. The game starts immediately (with the original sounds, please!). You can also go directly to the game here.

Google-Games-Pac Man

The jumping dino

Extremely basic, the dino game can be considered a “runner” from ancient times. Just press the space bar to jump over obstacles as the landscape moves faster and faster. It comes in two versions. Type t rex game or t rex game v2 in the search field and validate. You can also access it by clicking here or here.

Google-Games-Jumping Dinosaur

Zerg rush

It’s as hard to pronounce as it is to play it. Zerg Rush drops marbles on search results. You have to click on them several times before they reach them at the risk of seeing the elements corresponding to the request disappear. Type zerg rush in the search field, validate then activate the first link of the results. You can also click here to go directly.

Google-Games-Zerg rush

The wizarding cat

This game developed for Halloween 2016, presents graphics a little more elaborate than the others. We embody a cat with a magic wand. His objective = to eliminate the ghosts which move around him by reproducing with the mouse the symbols displayed above their heads. To play it, type magic cat academy in the search engine and click on the button I’m lucky. You can also click here.

Google-Games-The-Wizading Cat

The mischievous snake

Snake, the famous snake game that delighted many players on the first Nokia mobile phones, is also present on Google. The principle? Direct the snake using the arrow keys on the keyboard to grab the apple without hitting it against the wall. To play it, type snake game in the search engine and validate, or simply click here.


Garden gnome throw

A catapult, a garden gnome, flowers… You don’t need more to have fun. The concept is extremely simple: you just have to throw the garden gnome as far as possible to increase your score. To play, type garden gnomes into the search engine and click the I’m lucky button or click here.

Google-Games-Garden-gnome throw

How do I find puzzle games on Google?

Not at ease with the keys of the keyboard or the mouse to practice games of skill? Let your brain take over with some puzzle games.

The game of noughts and crosses

Called Tic Tac Toe in English, the Google-style tic-tac-toe game has variable geometry. Several difficulty levels are available – from easy to impossible -, and it is even possible to play against a friend present by your side in front of the screen. To access it, simply type tic tac toe in the search engine and validate or simply click here.


The solitary

We no longer present this card game, also present for a long time in Windows. Discover the Google version here by typing solitaire in the search field and validate. There are two levels, Easy and Difficult, which you can also access by clicking here.


The cube that drives you crazy

The Rubik’s Cube occupied the evenings of many children of the 80s. Its success is still undeniable today. For the nostalgic – and others! -, Google has set up a virtual version. Type rubliks google in the search box, then click The interactive version in the results that appear or go here. Everything is played with the mouse.

Google-Games-The-Rubik's Cube

A bit of general culture

With A Google a day, Google offers a real board game: a sort of Trivial Pursuit in which you have the right to use the search engine to find your answers. The game is in English, but it is really original and in addition, it allows you to learn how to use certain Google search options. To play it, type agoogleaday in the search engine then click on the first link. You can also go there directly by clicking here.


Introduction to programming

Google has released a game to teach kids the basics of code online. If you are familiar with Scratch, you will be comfortable guiding your rabbit in collecting his carrots. An original game (in English but simple) to introduce children to the joys of programming.To access it, type coding for carrots in the search engine and click on the button I’m lucky or go directly here.

Google-Games-Introduction to programming

How can I find other Google games?

Difficult to be exhaustive with the many hidden games offered by Google. The same goes for Doodle, these little games created for a special event, to celebrate the birthday of a historical figure or the Olympic Games, for example, and for easter eggs, – hidden, as it should be – which have no other interest than to make people smile. You will find most of these elements on the Google Mirror site developed by Google fans and whose name takes that of the company backwards.

Google-Games-Others games