How to know if your PC is compatible with Windows 11

In making the Windows 11 announcement, Microsoft also unveiled a brand new tool called PC Health Check, which allows you to find out if your computer is compatible with the new operating system. We will see what it is and especially some tips to make your PC compatible

While waiting for the release of Windows 11 at the end of the year 2021 as announced by Microsoft, you can already take the lead by making sure that your computer is able to accommodate this new OS since the minimum configuration has changed compared to Windows 10. Depending on the date of purchase, the architecture of its processor or its amount of RAM, your PC may not meet all the conditions necessary for installing Windows 11.

To check that the operating system is compatible with your PC, there is the PC Health Check software. With this tool, you should know if your computer is capable of running Windows 11 right out … and take the appropriate action if necessary.

Download PC HEALTH CHECK to check the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11

For the moment, Microsoft has removed the software from its site.


Please note that, despite a recent purchase, your machine may appear to be incompatible. Remember to activate the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) option in the BIOS or UEFI settings of your configuration. Everything should be in order once this option is activated.