How to hide the recommended panel in the Windows 11 Start menu

As with any launch of a new Windows, there are plenty of improvements and new features that many enjoy, but there are also things that irritate users. The Start menu is one of the controversial items when launching. Windows 11 for many reasons, including the fact that it is centered by default (although this can be changed).

But another thing that got some people upset is the inclusion of a Recommended panel in the bottom half of the Start menu. At the moment, it is used to highlight recently used files and recently installed apps, but some people are concerned that it is being used by Microsoft to spam users with other recommendations. If you don’t like it, here’s how to turn it off.

The good news here is that getting rid of the Recommended panel is very easy. There’s no need to modify the registry or do anything fancy (it’s just a matter of going to change a few options in the settings). Also, if you change your mind, you can easily reactivate the panel by reversing the steps.

  • So here is what you need to do to hide the Recommended section from Windows 11 Start menu:
    Open Settings by pressing Windows key + I (or you can right-click the Start button and select Settings)
  • Go to the Personalization section
  • Toggle the Show recently added apps, Show most used apps, and Show recently opened items settings in Start Shortcut List and File Explorer to the Off position.

There is no need to restart because the changes take effect immediately, but there is nothing you can do to remove the Recommended header, nor to use the space now available. This may change with future updates to Windows 11.

how to hide the Recommended panel from the start menu with ThisIsWin11

If you want to go further in customizing your Windows 11, you can go through utilities like ThisIsWin11. This free app makes it easy to remove unwanted components from Windows 11 to help you create a more streamlined system, while also giving you great customization options. You can increase your privacy and security by changing the settings of ThisIsWin11 which are deeply hidden in Windows, by the way the developer calls it “the real PowerToys for Windows 11”.

ThisIsWin11 offers users many ways to customize the look of Windows 11, improve performance, and more generally take control of the operating system. While there are many options here that will appeal to more advanced users (such as blocking telemetry or using a package installer to install many apps at the same time), there is also a Very useful introductory tutorial for Windows 11 included.

You can spend a lot of time going through the different sections of ThisIsWin11, putting in endless tweaks, but there are also faster automated options. These one-click options can be used to quickly remove Windows 11 built-in components, reclaim disk space, and more.

The good news is that the developer of the app has every intention of continuing to expand the capabilities of ThisIsWin11 as Microsoft releases new versions of Windows 11 that add or change features and options.