Microsoft confirms that Windows 11 taskbar no longer supports drag and drop

Microsoft confirms that Windows 11 taskbar no longer supports drag and drop

Windows 11 contains quite drastic and visual changes compared to Windows 10. After installing the preview versions of Windows 11, which are currently available in the Windows Insider program, you will immediately notice a new centered taskbar, a all new Start menu, and other visual improvements.

As usual, a new operating system brings new features and removes some of those previously available. Microsoft has already released a list of removed and deprecated features in Windows 11, but it turns out there are some other unannounced and pretty weird changes. Users have noticed that the Windows 11 taskbar no longer supports drag and drop.

In Windows 10, you can open a file by dragging it onto an app on the taskbar. Also, the same logic works with pinning app shortcuts. It seems that none of this works in Windows 11. Any attempt to drag and drop a file or shortcut to the Windows 11 taskbar ends with a stop icon appearing near the cursor.

While some believe that the inability to drag and drop an object to the Windows 11 taskbar is a bug, Microsoft has confirmed the change to be intentional. In the documentation, Microsoft only recognized the removal of a taskbar feature, but as users found out in preview builds, Windows 11 also dropped support for a menu. full-fledged contextual and the ability to drag and drop files on an application in the taskbar.


On Feedback Hub, a Microsoft representative said that Windows 11 does not currently support drag and drop, but the company “values user feedback and will continue to use it to help guide the future of features like this one ”.


In Windows 11, the taskbar lost other features that were popular with Windows 10 users. For example, you can no longer move the taskbar up, right, or left. The Windows Timeline is also gone, but it’s safe to say that this feature will be missed by very few users.

It’s hard to say why Microsoft would want to remove drag and drop from the taskbar in Windows 11. If this controversial change frustrates you and thousands of other insiders, be sure to send your feedback to Microsoft.